Trends: [VIDEO] The Digital Business Disruption Ahead Preview - NASSCOM India Leadership Forum (#NASSCOM_ILF)

A 10-Minute Preview Video Interview Of The Digital Business Disruption Ahead From The #NASSCOM_ILF Team

On January 17th, 2014, the NASSCOM team interviewed Constellation Research about the digital disruption ahead.  The short 10 minute video covers key topics including:

  • Convergence of the five pillars of digital business drive the current digital disruption. The end of social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and UC (i.e. SMAC) as you know it.
  • The new ecosystems of digital business bring new opportunities. From GE's industrial internet to mass personalization at scale, to augmented humanity, Constellation sees a new future beyond the traditional software ecosystems.
  • Everyone vs Amazon is becoming a reality. Insights on why everyone is competing with Amazon not only in retail, but also in the cloud, physical distribution, and media.
  • Mergers and acquisitions in software signal a maturing industry category. Large enterprise software companies no longer innovate fast enough and have to purchase startups for IP and growth.
  • Mobile first and cloud first drive key success factors. Constellation sees the need to move to mobile first in order to innovate and move at the speed of digital business change.
  • Service providers must focus on a higher stack. IT services firms traditionally deliver operations, maintenance, and transfer.  However the value add and higher margins are in design and build.
  • Preview of the Constellation Futurist Framework. Using a PESTEL model, Constellation provides a sneak peak in some of the big 2014 futurist trends.

VIDEO: The Digital Business Disruption Previw

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The Bottom Line: The Shift To Digital Business Disruption Will Forever Transform The Service Provider Landscape

Digital business disruption present an opportunity and threat to IT Services firms.  Many IT services providers may not move fast enough and may fail.  Others will take on the challenge to create new business models.  The shift requires IT Services firms to move in five areas from:

  1. Service based businesses to IP based businesses
  2. Care taker offerings to co-creation and co-innovation offerings
  3. Top ranked partners of other vendors to leaders attracting partners into self-created ecosystems
  4. Engineering and scientific approaches to multidisciplinary and humanities based creativity
  5. Solution orientation to business model transformation

These shifts represent the basic foundation required to change the digital DNA of the company culture and also how the IT Service providers engage with their clients.  Leaders can expect 2014 to herald the beginning of the next transformation.

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