Research Summary: The Correct Way to Use Customer Data

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My latest report, Customer Data: The Missing Link to Customer Success explains how successful organizations will utilize customer data to power their business initiatives in the digital era.
Customer data is your organization's most strategic asset. Use it the right way to rise above your competitors, delight your customers, and create a sustainable digital business. Constellation's seven-step customer data framework will show you how.
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Report Summary

Organizations seeking to grow and differentiate their businesses can no longer afford to mistreat their customer data. In fact, as customers have evolved and in many cases moved on, new strategies require customer data as the foundation for engaging and influencing customers. Information governance and master data management emerge as key competencies in an organization’s successful customer-facing strategies. Organizations must master 10 critical steps across the information supply chain: classify, transform, augment, master, secure, deliver, refresh, relate, archive, and retire.
Those leaders who fail to act on a customer data strategy face lost revenue, decreased customer satisfaction, lower levels of retention, and increased costs in customer acquisition. To achieve business value, organizations can take immediate action by applying Constellation’s seven-step framework for customer data strategy. With these power tools in one’s hands, customer data emerges as the missing link to strategic success.
Customer Data: The Missing Link to Strategic Success addresses why organizations must embrace master data as an asset for success.

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