Personal Log: Welcome To The Newest Altimeter Partner, Marcia Conner!

Altimeter Adds Enterprise Collaboration
I am pleased to announce that Marcia Conner has joined us as a Partner for Enterprise Collaboration.  With over two decades of deep practitioner experiences in building collaborative cultures, social business, and workplace learning, Marcia brings a highly respected and sought after point of view to the Enterprise Strategy team.
As organizations explore a wide range of disruptive technologies, their success hinges on building the right culture of learning, collaboration, and adoption. Marcia's research will focus on answering the key questions of how social tools can connect people within the enterprise, where outmoded education practices can made way for modern realtime learning from experts and peers, and which technologies will foster a vibrant multi-generational collaborative culture.
One of many examples of her thought leadership is her latest book, The New Social Learning: Transforming Organizations Through Social Media. Available August 2010, this book lays out a new approach to harnessing the brainpower and experiences of colleagues working across the globe as easily as if they were side by side.  Marcia conducted industry analysis over the emerging enterprise microsharing industry, and published a vendor selection report, influencing the buying process.
We're looking forward to collaborating with Marcia on multiple fronts. Jeremiah and I see tremendous synergies in how Social CRM meets Enterprise 2.0. Her experience with government agencies creates great opportunities with Alan Webber. Her ongoing focus on mobile learning and a vision for learning labs provide an intersection with Michael Gartenberg and Deb Schultz. Collaboration plays a key role in enabling frictionless supply chains and the research Lora engages in. Marcia's work with driving change maps well with Charlene's work in Open Leadership.
As we bring more partners and associates on board, expect to see this continued level of collaboration and opportunity to put research into action.
Marcia's insights and research can be found on her blog at and on Twitter @marciamarcia

Marcia's Bio
Marcia Conner is a Partner with Altimeter Group, bridging the gap between traditional enterprise practices and the opportunity to use emerging enterprise 2.0 technologies to create collaborative cultures that produce more energy than they consume. Research topics often include internal social networks, media sharing, learning management, leadership development, and multi-generation business culture.
For enterprise leaders, she leverages her experience operating high-speed organizations to spur personal and professional growth. Clients have included Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, IBM Lotus, S&P, WD-40, and the United National Development Programme.
For software vendors, Marcia provides strategic guidance in go-to-market strategies; reviews and designs products for usability, learnablity, and adoption; delivers competitive assessments; and evaluates software partner ecosystems.
As a keynote speaker and meeting facilitator, Marcia talks with groups throughout the United States and abroad on turning social media and learning into competitive advantage, microsharing for macroresults, overcoming organizational learning disabilities, catalyzing the new digital learning style, and aligning education with dynamic business goals.
Her latest book, The New Social Learning: Transforming Organizations Through Social Media will be out August 2010. It addresses the challenges organizations face today, such as a widely dispersed employees and striking differences in work styles, particularly across generations. With case studies from Deloitte, IBM, Mayo Clinic, TELUS, Chevron, and even the CIA, it shows how social media can transform the workplace by harnessing the brainpower and experiences of colleagues working across the globe as easily as if they were side by side.
A 20-year veteran of the enterprise market, Marcia is a Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and founded the popular Twitter #lrnchat. She was Information Futurist and VP of Education Services for PeopleSoft, Senior Manager of Worldwide Training at Microsoft, Vice President of Enterprise for Pistachio Consulting, Editor in Chief of Learning in the New Economy magazine, and a Fellow of the Society for New Communications Research.
She is also author of Learn More Now (Wiley, 2004), coauthor of Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology and Practice (Cambridge University Press, 2004), and cocreator of the Pistachio Consulting Enterprise Microsharing Tools Comparison (2008 and a soon to be released 2010 updated).
Marcia has been writing the “Learning at all Levels” column for Fast Company magazine since 2004. She has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, CIO Magazine, PCWeek, Information Week, Business 2.0, and has appeared on ABC’s World News This Morning.
More on Marcia’s blog: Learnativity.

Contact information:

Email: marcia (at) altimetergroup (dot) com
Phone: 540-849-9011
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