Polls and Surveys: Sapphire 2010 - On The Ground Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research Process At Work
I'm pleased to say, that I'll be joining fellow Enterprise Irregulars - Michael Cote, Larry Dignan, Michael Krigsman, and Vinnie Mirchandani; SAP Mentors - Dennis Howlett and Jon Reed, along with esteemed journalist Thomas Wailgum from CIO magazine to gauge the sentiment of SAP users.  We may be adding a few others on the ground. But mainly, we'll be asking a range of questions that include:

  • Confidence in the leadership team
  • SAP Innovation
  • Upgrade sentiments
  • Cloud and ByD
  • Certification of ecosystem partners
  • SAP Sybase
  • NetWeaver Adoption
  • In Memory
  • Third party maintenance.

The Poll Questions

Take the poll at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Sapphire2010

or Click here to take the survey

Your POV.
Ready to rumble at Sapphire 2010!  Look forward to seeing you.  You can post or send on to rwang0 at gmail dot com or r at softwaresinsider dot org and we’ll keep your anonymity or better yet, join the community!
Please let us know if you need help with your apps strategy efforts.  Here’s how we can help:

  • Assessing apps strategies (e.g. single instance, two-tier ERP, upgrade, custom dev, packaged deployments”
  • Optimizing your SAP costs
  • Evaluating SaaS/Cloud integration strategies
  • Assisting with legacy ERP migration
  • Planning upgrades and migration
  • Performing vendor selection
  • Providing contract negotiations and software licensing support

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