Wednesday’s Whispers: People Whispers – April 2010


A very slow moving April as many change and moves were made in Q1.  So far the job prospects in tech remain excellent.
As always, thanks for your emails and alerts. If you’ve got a change or know of a promotion, keep dropping me a line! If you need a referral, and we’ve worked together in the past, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Linked In.

Frank Auger is now Director, Customer Support at HubSpot.  Prior to this role, Frank was the President and CEO at Metallect and served as a VP of Product Management at Novell.
Marnie Breton has been promoted to Vice President, Marketing & Strategy at Forrester Research.  Marnie brings previous experiences as a  Vice President at ReGenerate, consultant at Yankee Group, and Sales/Marketing manager at AT&T Capital Corporation. She's also previously worked a Forrester as a Marketing Director.
Marc Conway is now Change Manager - Global Reseller Programme at BP.  Marc serves many roles in global sales, marketing, and procurement programs.  Previous work at BP include experiences as a procurement specialist, software auditor, and senior software technology procurement specialist.
Andrew Cotton currently serves as an ICT Project Manager at New South Wales Department of Planning.  Previous roles build on his program management expertise and include serving as a Business Analyst and Test Manager at Just OnePlace, Senior Business Analyst / Project Manager at Westfield Group, and Architect at JF Davidson.
Abhishek Guru is in year 2 at the University of Sydney.  He's currently a Research Associate for Professor William L. Martens.  Previous roles include Assistant Marketing Manager for Analyst Relations at HCL.
John Refford wa promoted from VP of Global Infrastructure to VP or Strategic Marketing Technology at Natixis in February 2010.  He brings previous experiences as an IT mnager at CentrePath and Systems Engineer Manager at both IXIS Asset Management and Thomson Financial
Bryan Vanderkruk is now Management Trainee at Maple Leaf Foods.
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