Thursday's Disruptive Tech Showcase: SnapLogic Tackles Cloud/SaaS Integration Challenges

Demand For Complex Cloud/SaaS Based Integration Continues To Increase

Organizations face a deluge of data from more and more new sources, especially in the Cloud.  Existing integration solutions often require expensive custom coding that's purpose built; but rigid and disposable.  A change in business objects or swap out of new solutions often require brand new investments in integration.  SnapLogic solves a key piece of the Cloud integration problem with modern, pluggable, and reusable pieces of code called Snaps.
Snaps represent an integration task or subtask frameworks of light weight services (a.k.a. SnAPI's).   SnapFlows orchestrate Snaps to solve the end to end integration that maps back to end to end business process flows.  Through the DataFlow Platform's open API's, enterprises can connect a wide variety data sources including (see Figure 1):

  • Enterprise vendor API's and ODBC
  • Web based REST and http
  • Cloud SOAP and WS*
  • Social Media RSS and atoms

Figure 1. SnapLogic DataFlow Server Provides A Data Integration Platform Through Open-Component APIs and RESTful ARchitecture.

(Source: SnapLogic)

SnapStore Provides An Online Marketplace
Organizations seeking Snaps for popular Enterprise, SaaS, Web, and Social software solutions can access these solutions in the SnapStore (see Figure 2).  Meanwhile, ISV's, system integrators, and developers can create and monetize Snap connectors and data pipelines.  Over 40 Snaps have been created for solutions such as ADP Employease, OpenAir, Intacct, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, SugarCRM, QuickBooks, and
Figure 2. Snap Store's Offerings Range from Enterprise to Social
(Source: SnapLogic Website)
Founders Come From A Web 2.0 And Integration Pedigree
Gaurav Dhillon, the former Founder and CEO of Informatica, founded SnapLogic with Eyal Shavit, previously of Mevio, Macrovision, and Yahoo! Game Store in 2006.   It appears he could reinvent the integration market for this next generation of software.  To date, SnapLogic has raised $4.8M in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Maples Investments, Google Vice President Brian MClendon, Epinions co-founder Naval Ravikant, and Gaurav Dhillon himself.

The Bottom Line For Users - Proliferation Of SaaS Deployments Requires A Cloud/SaaS Integration Strategy

Successful adoption of SaaS solutions have transformed usage from purpose built point solutions to integration into mission critical processes.  Increased SaaS and Cloud adoption in the enterprise does not mean architectural standards go away. In fact, organizations must re-prioritize their overall enterprise architecture strategy and include Cloud/SaaS integration as a key enabler.  The goal - move beyond one-off solutions and embrace a more agile and longer term solution.
Your POV
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