Tuesday's Tip: Know When To Automate With Artificial Intelligence

Six Factors For Powering AI Driven Smart Services

Recent client conversations indicate a desire for designing new AI Driven Smart Services.   The rush to incorporate artificial intelligence into processes often requires a deeper examination of which services should be AI enabled.  Constellation's latest framework for augmenting humanity encompasses six factors (see Figure 1):

  1. Repetitiveness.  The greater a process is repeated, the more likely the process should be AI powered.  One-offs and custom processes with minimal repetition are lower priority candidates for AI.
  2. Volume.  When the volume of transactions and interactions exceed human capacity, the smart service should be AI powered.  Volumes within human capacity will remain human powered.
  3. Complexity.  Good candidates for AI powered include complexity beyond human comprehension and simple tasks that can be optimized by AI.
  4.  Creativity.  The cognitive processes required for creativity mostly reside with humans today. Higher creative powers will be less likely to be AI powered today.  However with advancements in cognitive learning, one can expect creativity to improve with AI powered approaches over the next decade.
  5. Physical presence.  Processes that require a heavy physical presence will most likely require human powered capabilities.  However, processes that put lives in jeopardy serve as great candidates for AI powered and automation.  In general, low physical presence requirements play well to AI powered approaches.
  6. Time to complete. High time to market requirements favor AI powered approaches.  Lower time to completion requirements will remain human powered.
  7. Nodes of interaction.  Simple interaction nodes will lean human powered.  AI serves best complex and high volume nodes of interaction.

Figure 1. Constellation's AI Powered Framework

The Bottom Line.  Apply The AI Powered Framework To Smart Service Prioritization

Six factors play a significant role in identifying which AI driven smart services deliver the greatest opportunities.  Early adopters have prioritized business processes using the Constellation business hierarchy of needs.  Align candidates to the five categories of regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, revenue growth, strategic differentiation, and brand.   Keep in mind, that AI enablement must require a strong data strategy, deep data governance, mature business process optimization, and a data driven design point.

Your POV.

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