Webinar: What do you want to know about the internet of things? Here's what we want to know.


The Importance of Addressing the Unknown
Here's a question: why, with the growing number of IoT "experts" in the field, are there unanswered fundamental questions about IoT?
It seems that in the excitement over the potential of IoT, industry experts and their audiences have glossed over some basic details regarding how, exactly, IoT will work. Leaving us with questions!
Here's another question: what can we learn from this 'excitement blindness' that we can apply to disruptive technology implementation strategies in our own organizations?
Join R “Ray” Wang as he interviews entrepreneur and technology scholar, Richie Etwaru about this 'excitement blindness' about our knowledge of internet of things.
You will learn:
  • 10 things we want to know about the Internet of Things
  • How will connectivity work? What about privacy? Can our internet infrastructure even handle the demand?
  • How to avoid the pundit effect (talking a lot, but knowing little) when implementing new technologies 

Webinar Details:

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