Research Summary: Market Overview - The Market For SAP Optimization Options

Forward And Commentary
This market overview provides a starting point to SAP customers seeking optimization solutions.  The document delivers actionable advice and insights into a proven collection of software solutions.  As part of the full series, best practices documents will follow with in- depth case studies and a critical product evaluation of this growing market of SAP optimization solutions. 
A. Introduction
With the average Global 2000 ERP deployment nearing 11.5 years in service, ERP customers face a significant challenge with updating their existing investments. Installed pre-Y2K, users have attempted to work around the best practices of the ‘90s while seeking innovation and application agility. Subsequently, SAP users face three main challenges:
  1. Higher cost of ownership that reduces overall ROI.
  2. An aging and brittle infrastructure that hampers innovation.
  3. Increasing complexity that hampers greater adoption.

B. Research Findings

As SAP customers choose their go- forward apps strategy, interviews from 100's of clients show that four paths emerge (see Figure 1):
  1. Stay with status quo;
  2. Move to shiny new SAP.;
  3. Stabilize SAP and augment; and
  4. Modernize SAP and surround with best-of-breed.
Figure 1. The Four Paths Of SAP Optimization

Consequently, an $80.1 billion third-party SAP ecosystem has emerged to address nine key areas (details on each vendor in the official report):


1. Application extension and usability

- Adobe, ERP-Link, Informatica, Revelation Software Concepts, Synactive, Tibco, Winshuttle

2. Application life-cycle management - CA/Hyperformix, Hayes Technology Group,  HiLn Solutions, IBM Infosphere Optim, Informatica,  Intellicorp, Panaya, Revelation Software Concepts, TIBCO Hawk, Tidal Software, West Trax

3. Office productivity integration - Alloy, Duet, Winshuttle
4. Integration - Informatica, Information Builders iWay, SEEBURGER, TIBCO
5. Database optimization - Microsoft SQL Server for SAP, IBM DB2 For SAP, TIBCO ActiveSpaces Data Grid
6. Archiving, storage, and data management - EMC, IBM, Informatica

7. Virtualization - EMC, Informatica, VMware,

8. Third-party maintenance - Rimini Street

9. License management and optimization - Flexera Software, Susen Software, Used Soft
The Bottom Line: Be Pragmatic Not Dogmatic

SAP still plays a significant role in the apps landscape for most organizations. However, the days of an all SAP or nothing environment are coming to an end. Business leaders suffering under the wrath of an SAP CIO have taken matters into their own hands and voted by choosing SaaS options for their business units. Constellation recommends that organizations take a pragmatic not dogmatic approach to optimization the SAP investment.
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