Press Release: Constellation Research Appoints Sachin Gosavi As VP of India

Constellation Research Inc, an award winning, specialty research and advisory firm that serves business leaders who seek to unleash the power of emerging and disruptive technologies, today announced the appointment of Sachin Gosavi as Vice President (India). Sachin brings over 12 years of experience in marketing and strategy in India, and will focus on serving the growing demand for technology research services of large Indian firms and technology vendors.
Releasing the announcement, R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc., said, “It’s great to have someone like Sachin on board in India. His proven track record in technology research business along with strong ‘C’ suite networking abilities will be valuable to our growth. In addition, his deep understanding of the independent technology research space will be help drive business value for our clients in India.”
Commenting on his appointment, Sachin Gosavi said, “Constellation Research has established itself as the true model of disruptive technology research, so am quite excited to join them. Most Constellation analysts bring over 2 decades of hands-on experience in working with senior leaders in enterprise organizations, and am looking forward to working with such stalwarts.”
In his previous role for a brief timeframe, Sachin was an independent marketing consultant advising technology start-ups. Prior to that, Sachin spent about six years with Forrester Research spearheading it’s marketing function in India. Through innovative methods, he not only helped establish the brand Forrester in India, but also significantly raised the marketing bar for it’s competitors in local markets.
Gosavi earned his Master's in Economics from the University of Pune, and PGDMM from IMDR, Pune.
At Constellation, Sachin will engage with both (technology) buy side and sell side clients in India. His responsibilities include:

  • Business development in India
  • Establishing partnerships between Indian firms- industry bodies and Constellation’s expert knowledge base
  • Assisting buy side business leaders with insight into the future of work, next gen customer experience, cross channel commerce, big data and analytics, and technology adoption
  • Helping Indian firms accomplish their specific business objectives around enterprise software, ERP, Mobile, BI, SCM, PBS, CRM, Collaboration, Analytics, UC, Gov 2.0 and Social

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Geographical Location: Pune, India
Email: sachin (at) ConstellationRG (dot) com.
Mobile: +91.9822.555.012
A2/405, Mont-Vert Pristine, Off Aundh Road,
Pune 411020 (India)

Constellation Research is an award winning, specialty research and advisory firm that serves business leaders who seek to unleash the power of emerging and disruptive technologies.  Our analysts start by understanding the business objective, applying real world experience and insights, and then incorporating disruptive technologies and business models as appropriate.  We cater to board of directors and c-suite executives looking for an edge in business model and technology innovation.  Research outputs always provide an insightful buy-side point of view.
Why Your Mission Is Our Mission
In today’s business environment, the rate of change is not only constant, but also rapidly escalating.  New business models by upstarts disrupt competitors with increasing frequency in all industries and markets.  In just 10 years, even 5 years, or dare say 24 months, many established companies have been left vulnerable, beaten down, and toppled by new upstarts.  Why? Business leaders have been too slow to react to their customers and the changes happening in the societal, technological, environmental, economic, and political fronts.
In business models, products are now excuses to sell services.  Product innovation cycles have shortened from years to months to weeks.  On the work front, five generations in the workforce disagree on where to work, how to work, when to work, and why to work.  Add the current trend of consumerization of IT  to the pace of change and business leaders must strategically determine which new technologies should be considered.
Unfortunately, the legacy research analyst firms and advisory firms continue to fail their clients when faced with these new challenges. Why? Their myopic focus on an IT centric point of view ignores the realities of the market.  In fact, Constellation estimates that the average IT budget is down 5% year over year and at best up 2% among the most innovative companies.  However, tech spending is up on average 18 to 22% at the most innovative firms.  What’s happened? The buying power has shifted and business leaders increasingly take control of how they are applying technologies to their business while whittling down the corporate IT budget for operational efficiencies.
Why Your Success Is Our Objective
We’re business leader and business value focused. Constellation differentiates itself in the market in two ways by:

  1. Focusing on the board room and C-suite point of view. Constellation’s research addresses the needs of boards, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, CHROs, CPOs, CSCOs, and COOs.
  2. Addressing the business problem first.  Research starts by addressing business value and then applying where disruptive and emerging technologies may play a role.

The result – Constellation serves as a coach and advisor to senior business leaders working on tough business problems including:

  • The future of work
  • Next generation customer experience
  • Cross channel commerce across the supply and demand chain
  • Digital marketing transformation
  • New organizational models including People-to People Networks
  • The new C-suite
  • Big data, decision systems, and information management
  • Business value frameworks and metrics for success
  • Energy management and green tech
  • Legacy technology optimization

We look forward to serving you with Insight, Inspiration, and Impact.
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