Press Release: HR Industry Veteran Naomi Bloom Joins Board of Advisors For Constellation Research

Fort Myers, Florida - January 11, 2011
1:00 PM (GMT -5:00) Eastern Standard Time
Constellation Research Inc, a next generation research analyst firm helping clients navigate emerging and disruptive technologies, announced today the addition of Naomi Lee Bloom of Bloom & Wallace to the Board of Advisors.

Constellation Research's Board of Advisors play a key role in shaping the research agenda and providing advice and guidance to its members.  Board members bring significant industry experience, represent the leaders in their field, and serve in 6 to 12 month terms.  These esteemed individuals:

  • Guide research direction
  • Advise on business strategy
  • Maintain an outside-in perspective
  • Deliver mentorship from seasoned professionals
  • Garner input from clients and prospects
  • Grow the constellation of experts
  • Identify new talent
  • Maintain and exude the Constellation values in public

Board members do not have a commercial relationship with Constellation nor are they represented by Constellation.  Board members do not have fiduciary responsibility.

Naomi's responsibilities as an advisory board member will be to help shape Constellation's research agenda, contribute her thinking to the research and the resulting analysis, and bring the human resource management perspective to both the research on disruptive technologies (i.e. which of them and how might they impact the intersection of HRM and IT) and on the challenges of technology adoption in the enterprise.
"My interest in taking this role is the opportunity to continue learning and contributing in areas that are beyond the range of any one person to monitor, specifically the mega-changes underway and soon to come in enterprise technologies. I‚ve collaborated for years, but very informally, with colleagues at the traditional IT analyst firms in order to learn from their research.  As an advisory board member, I‚ll now have a greater opportunity to help shape that research.", states Naomi Bloom.
"As with all our board members, Naomi is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.   Our analysts will directly benefit from her experience and her wisdom.  Clients will notice the impact on the research agenda.  More importantly, Naomi will provide the mentorship to analysts that is often a scarce commodity in today's organizations.  This is a key issue we wanted to address early on in our inception.", noted  R "Ray" Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO.
Please join us in welcoming, Naomi Bloom and Bloom & Wallace  to the Constellation Research family!
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Geo: Fort Myers, Florida, USA
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