Press Release: Veteran Technology Infrastructure Strategist and Academic Dr. Alea Fairchild Joins Constellation Research, Inc.

Brussels, Belgium – November 7th, 2011
16:30 pm (GMT +1:00) Central European Time
Constellation Research Inc, an award winning, specialty research and advisory firm that serves business leaders who seek to unleash the power of emerging and disruptive technologies, announced today that Dr. Alea Fairchild has joined as a Vice President & Principal Analyst for Technology Infrastructure Strategy, Legacy Optimization, and EMEA policy.  Fairchild will provide strategy and counsel to key Constellation client types: Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers,  investment analysts, VCs, technology policy executives, and technology buyers.

Dr. Fairchild has eighteen years experience in global IT market analysis, and has worked for the major market research agencies as both an analyst and as a consultant. She has also been a consultant for the European Commission, as well as to major multinational IT companies throughout Europe.
Alea's research will explore key business themes such as intelligent data management and the changing view of the data landscape from the Cloud, value chain data management: insuring partners’ data protection policies, n ext gen government: data privacy and best practices, Internet of things: connected real estate: facilities management as a service provider, and co-creation: time window delivery options in e-commerce.
Topic areas will include technology infrastructure strategy, including data security and privacy, innovation, governance and compliance. As our resident e-Europe specialist, Dr. Fairchild provides insight on best practices in data protection in the value chain.  She is a proven thought-leader who provides clients information and ideas backed with significant marketing expertise, specifically in banking, biotech/healthcare and the public sector.
Previous work experiences include serving as a professional technology consultant at The Constantia Institute bvba.  She is also an Associate Professor of Management at Vesalius College, as well as faculty in the Economics department of Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She was previously been a Senior Researcher at Tilburg University in The Netherlands in the Department of Information Management. Her technical expertise lies in open architectures and interoperability. Recent areas of research have included knowledge management and productivity metrics for technology. Her academic training is in the area of information economics.
Alea has authored several conference papers and articles and five books: “Interoperability for Enterprise Information Systems”, September 1996, “Year 2000 Compliance: The Guide to Successful Implementation”, May 1997, and "Reengineering and Restructuring the Enterprise", February 1998, all published by CTR. Her book, “Technological Aspects of Virtual Organizations”, was published by Kluwer and her latest book, “Entrepreneurship: Introduction to Business Plans” was published by die Keure.
“Driving business objectives with innovative technology solutions in a dynamic market environment requires good advice and solid support”, says Fairchild.  “Joining a well -respected team such as Constellation Research is a terrific opportunity for me to mesh my work in technology policy and implementation with other experienced research professionals in facilitating enterprise technology decision making."
Alea's coverage addresses key themes in legacy technology optimization and innovation, next generation commerce,  for areas such as:

  • Servers, storage and middleware (infrastructure)
  • Information security, data security, and privacy solutions
  • Process innovation in services
  • Governance and compliance
  • Virtual communities for governance issues (value chain),information security
  • e-Europe
  • Public sector
  • EU technology policy

“Constellation’s EMEA clients expect significant business experience along with delivery that respects a cultural point of view”, said  R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO, “Alea’s ability to mesh technology strategy with both innovation and policy will help clients translate from the art of the possible to the practical and doable.  I’m personally excited to have someone as knowledgeable as Alea on board for our global client base!”
Please join us in welcoming Alea Fairchild to the Constellation Research family and our growing EMEA presence now in Brussels, London, Madrid, and Tel Aviv!
Twitter: @afairch
Linked In:
Geographical Location: Brussels, Belgium
: alea (at) ConstellationRG (dot) com.
Constellation Research is an award winning, specialty research and advisory firm that serves business leaders who seek to unleash the power of emerging and disruptive technologies.  Our analysts start by understanding the business objective, applying real world experience and insights, and then incorporating disruptive technologies and business models as appropriate.  We cater to board of directors and c-suite executives looking for an edge in business model and technology innovation.  Research outputs always provide an insightful buy-side point of view.
Why Your Mission Is Our Mission
In today’s business environment, the rate of change is not only constant, but also rapidly escalating.  New business models by upstarts disrupt competitors with increasing frequency in all industries and markets.  In just 10 years, even 5 years, or dare say 24 months, many established companies have been left vulnerable, beaten down, and toppled by new upstarts.  Why? Business leaders have been too slow to react to their customers and the changes happening in the societal, technological, environmental, economic, and political fronts.
In business models, products are now excuses to sell services.  Product innovation cycles have shortened from years to months to weeks.  On the work front, five generations in the workforce disagree on where to work, how to work, when to work, and why to work.  Add the current trend of consumerization of IT  to the pace of change and business leaders must strategically determine which new technologies should be considered.
Unfortunately, the legacy research analyst firms and advisory firms continue to fail their clients when faced with these new challenges. Why? Their myopic focus on an IT centric point of view ignores the realities of the market.  In fact, Constellation estimates that the average IT budget is down 5% year over year and at best up 2% among the most innovative companies.  However, tech spending is up on average 18 to 22% at the most innovative firms.  What’s happened? The buying power has shifted and business leaders increasingly take control of how they are applying technologies to their business while whittling down the corporate IT budget for operational efficiencies.
Why Your Success Is Our Objective
We’re business leader and business value focused. Constellation differentiates itself in the market in two ways by:

  1. Focusing on the board room and C-suite point of view. Constellation’s research addresses the needs of boards, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, CHROs, CPOs, CSCOs, and COOs.
  2. Addressing the business problem first.  Research starts by addressing business value and then applying where disruptive and emerging technologies may play a role.

The result – Constellation serves as a coach and advisor to senior business leaders working on tough business problems including:

  • The future of work
  • Next generation customer experience
  • Cross channel commerce across the supply and demand chain
  • Digital marketing transformation
  • New organizational models including People-to People Networks
  • The new C-suite
  • Big data, decision systems, and information management
  • Business value frameworks and metrics for success
  • Energy management and green tech
  • Legacy technology optimization

We look forward to serving you with Insight, Inspiration, and Impact.
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