Speaker Notes: Keynote - SAP UK & Ireland User Group Conference 2009

Building Innovation With And Around Your SAP Environment
Location: Manchester CentralAuditorium
Start Time: 16:25
End Time: 17:00
Speaker: R "Ray" Wang
Company: Partner with Altimeter Group
Keynote summary:

  1. Pace of change continues to increase in market forces, work dynamics, business models, and pace of technology adoption.
  2. Innovation is essential in this market.
  3. There's a tonne of innovation at SAP. Management and politics keep it from coming out.
  4. Users need to tap into innovations from SAP and also help SAP prioritize what should go to market.
  5. Users need to know what you want to do before you even talk to SAP.  Get your act together.
  6. Use the user group to build the linkages to SAP.  This is a better, more productive approach, especially if you are not a top 400 customer with private access.
  7. SAP isn't bad or good. You can't view them that way. Management is confused at the moment on leadership, direction, and innovation so figure out what you need from them early and fast.
  8. If SAP can't do it, you don't have time to wait for them, especially if there's no commitment. SaaS is an option, other providers are out there.  Come back to them later when they figure it out.
  9. The pace of change is too fast. Technology adoption too slow. Companies need to keep moving in innovation.
  10. Invest in innovation even if it hurts. Find money to optimize and pay for this.  There are a number of vendors that can assist.

Members of the SAP UK &I user group who would like a copy of the presentation can contact David Stanley, Vice President of Business Development and Sales at [email protected] for copies.   Your member number will be required for proof.

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