Vendor Event: Virtual Inforum 2009


Location: Virtual Conference
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Start Date: 2009-10-20
End Date: 2009-10-21
Description: Everything you need to drive business innovation—
without leaving your desk.
Interact. Engage. Learn. All in the comfort of your office.
This year, Virtual Inforum brings best-in-class business solutions, educational sessions, and expertise to you—transporting the Solutions Expo, Networking Square, Auditorium, and Resource Center conveniently to your desktop. Join your peers, Infor experts, and business partners online at Virtual Inforum 2009 and learn how to drive innovation while accelerating business performance.
The conference format is virtual. The business advantages are real.
Learn more. Spend less.
Virtual Inforum 2009 gives you instant access to business innovation—without the time and expense of traveling. Advance your business with two days of education sessions; access expert presenters through real-time chat tools; and benefit from enhanced networking opportunities. It\'s the full-fledged conference experience, without the four-hour airport delays.
Get the best seat at our dynamic presentations.
This year we\'re bringing Inforum Connections right to your desktop. Fourteen tracks are tailored to fit your Infor product, solution, or industry, while providing valuable insight into key business areas. We\'ll show you innovative new ways to manage customer relations, finances, enterprise assets, resource planning, performance, workforces, product lifecycles, supply chains, and more.
Breakout sessions. Breakthrough performance.
This two-day, web-based interactive format includes detailed education sessions covering a gamut of business topics, followed by live chats. You\'ll explore innovative ways to advance business software, deploy and upgrade applications and get the most from your maintenance investments—while lowering your TCO.
Chat with peers. Interact with Birds-of-a-Feather. Make new contacts.
Networking opportunities abound at this year\'s Virtual Inforum, with private and group chats, an interactive discussion lounge, messaging boards, and access to business problem-solving expertise. Exchange ideas, share best practices, and be inspired to innovate.
Big ideas packed into 1000 x 760 pixels of exhibit space.
Virtual Inforum 2009 takes our Solutions Expo online, with interactive demonstrations of new business concepts and products from Infor and over 50 of our partners. Visit virtual Expo booths, get new ideas through video demonstrations and live online presentations, join chats, and download important information into your virtual briefcase.

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