Speaking Engagement: Information Week 500 - Navigating The Board Room - What do you bring to The table?

IW 500 Navigating the Board Room
Title: Industry Event: Information Week 500 - Navigating The Board Room - What do you bring to The table?
Location: The St. Regis, Monarch Beach, Dana Point, California
Start Date: 2009-09-13
End Date: 2009-09-15
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Business technology executives must sit at the center of corporate decision-making, especially in today’s economic climate. That means building tighter relationships not only with the CEO, but also with top executives in finance, sales, marketing, international, legal, business development, and HR, as well as directly with customers. Your career and your company’s future are on the line.
At the 2009 InformationWeek 500 Conference, C-level executives from leading global companies will meet to discuss how they’re delivering on the most critical business priorities of the day. The conference will feature sessions on:
* Mapping IT strategy and investment to the CEO agenda
* Cultivating, sponsoring, and driving innovation
* Viewing your role from a global perspective
* Working with the board on e-discovery and other pressing governance issues
* Speaking the language of operations, sales, finance, HR, and other key departments
* Preparing the next-generation tech workforce
Unveiling of the 2009 InformationWeek 500 Rankings – The Very Best Business Technology Innovators
Be there Tuesday, September 15, 2009 as we celebrate the 500 most innovative users of business technology at the InformationWeek 500 Conference and Gala Awards. The conference represents a unique opportunity to meet and interact with the most respected and recognized executives in the field. The best of the best attend InformationWeek 500 Conferences, including executives from Harrah’s Entertainment, FedEx Corp, Wells Fargo, Eastern Mountain Sports, Adidas Group, Tiffany & Co, and GM.
Network with hundreds of executives from InformationWeek 500 ranked companies. Gain practical insight and advice from the most innovative business technology executives in the world – and get realistic solutions to your own IT challenges from innovators in your own industry.
Join us at the annual InformationWeek 500 Conference for two and a half days of inspiring sessions, innovative strategies, stimulating dialogue, and unrivaled networking opportunities.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
12:30 am - 1:45 pm
Pacific Ballroom Keynote Luncheon: The Future Of Software
Luncheon Host: HP Software And Solutions

For many years, the traditional model of on-premises enterprise applications allowed companies to manage their expanding operations via ERP, synchronize their supply chains, engage more effectively with customers, and administer their workforces more effectively and at lower costs. At the same time, however, that model brought a voracious appetite for resources, training, administration, and precious IT budget dollars swallowed by 22% annual maintenance fees. Over the last several years, as the pace of global business has accelerated and IT has moved from the back office to front-office engagement with customers, cracks in the traditional model have appeared as alternative providers with alternative approaches to enterprise software have begun winning the wallets of CIOs. In this luncheon session, we'll chat with the leaders of some of those new-wave companies and a renowned enterprise applications analyst to understand the value propositions of these new models, their limitations, and their impact on the traditional on-premises model that has dominated the scene for the past couple of decades.
* Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder & President, Workday
* Christopher Lochhead, Senior Strategy Advisor, SuccessFactors, & former CMO, Mercury Software
* R "Ray" Wang, Partner, Altimeter Group


Bob Evans, Senior VP & Global CIO Director, InformationWeek