News Analysis: Rimini Street Offers Third Party Maintenance for SAP

Adding to the company's support of PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel third party, support, the move to support SAP comes at an optimum time for SAP users. Most users face SAP imposed deadlines for standard and extended maintenance support. To be specific, extended maintenance for R/3 4.6c users ends at the end of 2009. R/3 4.7 users face end of extended maintenance at for an additional 2% fee at the end of March 2010. Rimini street plans to deliver these services without offshoring.
The bottom line.
The SAP market sorely needs options for third party support. With customer specific maintenance contracts north of 22%, the market demands alternative support options. Should Rimini street support SAP customers to 2020 without required upgrades, provide application fixes for serious issues and tax and regulatory updates as needed, and support client customizations, interoperability, and performance at no additional fee, SAP customers will save up to half on maintenance fees. The end result - more money to invest in SAP upgrades and additional solutions.
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