Quarterly Financial Tracker: Q2 CY 2010 - SaaS Vendors Still Show Massive YoY Growth

The majority of 22 publicly traded software vendors demonstrated solid year-over-year (YoY) quarterly growth from Q2 2009 (see Figure 1).   Every SaaS vendor in the Software Insider Index® drove 14% to 26% growth (see Figure 2) despite the pick up in on-premises license sales.  Highlights for the 2010 CY Q2 2010 results:
On-Premises Trends

  • JDA Software (59.19%) and Manhattan Associates (32.93%) continue to ride the CPG, retail, and supply chain investment wave.  Manhattan solidified a significant turnaround in 2 quarters of growth.
  • Large mega vendor bellwethers Oracle (12.95%) and SAP (12.34%) showed significant double digit growth.  SAP's license gains of 17.31% demonstrate a turnaround in the sales team.  All indications point to BOBJ and the non-EMEA regions driving sales growth.
  • The SMB vendors shared mixed results with Epicor (8.68%), Lawson (5.81%), and CDC Software (3.92%) continuing to grow key license revenues.  While IFS total revenue gains were low in the 1.40%, IFS grew license revenue by a whopping 19.77%.
  • Unfortunately, other SMB vendors Exact (-4.99%) and Deltek (-7.07%) showed negative revenue momentum.  These vendors not only lost ground in license revenue but also saw declines in traditionally stable maintenance revenue.
  • Maintenance fee growth remains healthy for most vendors as new programs to show value to customers gain traction.

SaaS Trends

  • SaaS vendors continue to grow in mid to high double digit growth rates for subscription revenue. SuccessFactors (26.81%), Salesforce.com (24.78%), and Concur (20.49%) moved past 20% year over year quarterly growth.
  • Ariba ($93.2M) nears the $100M per quarter revenue benchmark as Blackboard ($101.5M) continues to grow from this achievement in Q1 2010.
  • RightNow (19.58%), NetSuite (16.83%), Ultimate Software (15.67%), and Taleo (14.63%) all showed solid quarters of growth, though these growth percentages show slight declines.
Figure 1.  Software Insider Index® On Premise Vendors: Q2 CY 2010

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Figure 2. Software Insider Index® SaaS Vendors: Q2 CY 2010

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The Bottom Line - IT Budgets Have Opened Up For Software Purchases, Hybrid SaaS Models The Norm

Despite the rocky recovery and potential for double digit recession, pent up demand drives the current on-premises vendor revenue growth.  Organizations continue to invest in technology despite the lack of job creation.  However, on-premises vendor gains have not impacted SaaS vendor growth.  In fact, most organizations continue to adopt Scenarios 1 to 3 in their Cloud/SaaS strategies. As hybrid models reach tipping points, successful apps strategies must focus on SaaS integration, SOA adoption, and information governance.

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2. Why these vendors than others?  Easy – because I cover them.
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4. Estimates created for privately held vendors, when listed.
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