SaaS: WorkDay is now Official!

Coming out of stealth mode
Built from the spin-out prior to the Oracle acquisition, Workday's officially came out of the closet. Dave Duffield, Aneel Bhsuri, and Stan Swete lead 65 employees from their Walnut Creek, CA base. Many of the key employees are former PeopleSoft alumns.

Workday's products take advantage of Rich Internet Application architecture and show some great capabilities of Web 2.0 meets Enterprise 2.0. Initially just HCM, other applications will be on the way. Dave's reputation and the SaaS option continue to draw the most buzz as the Workday booth brought the biggest crowds at this year's HR conference in Chicago, IL.

Products currently target the mid to upper mid-size company. I'd expect launch customers to double in the next few months as the organization begins the ramp up process.

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