Project Based Solutions: Transition from manufacturing to service economy requires the right software

Project professionals remain challenged with business solutions that force fit production and manufacturing applications to meet the needs of knowledge based, information workers. Though today’s work often focuses around projects, most enterprise applications remain designed for a functional world leaving professionals in public sector, legal, accounting, IT consulting, business consulting, market research, advertising, architecture, engineering, and construction to custom build solutions or heavily modify packaged applications to support end-to-end project based processes.

As enterprises make the shift to a service based and project based world, project based solutions are the only applications category that enterprises can rely on to deliver on process automation, process improvement, and innovation for this new world of work. Expect more in this category and more from vendors such as: Agresso, Augeo, BST Global, CMiC, Deltek, Epicor, Lawson, Maconomy, Meridian Systems, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Primavera, Sage, SAP, Tenrox

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