Analyst 101: One year later

What a year! What a ride. This job has been good. I've been insulated from all the politics which has really been a luxury. Being out West, you can really focus on the vendors and learn what's going on. Meanwhile, we've got great clients and some great projects ahead of us. Anyways, 16 docs, good inquiries, good consulting.

More importantly, many thanks to everyone who has helped. I'm glad I've got some really good mentors out there. John Ragsdale, Paul Hamerman, and Merv Adrian have been great in bouncing ideas and themes. I did miss the chance to learn from Erin Kinkin who's probably still the sharpest CRM analyst out there, but I get the feeling more people may leave as they find what the right balance of work/life is for them.

In the meantime, I've got a really big public sector vendor selection project ahead of me and some more ideas to put on paper. There's some concern I'll burn out, but I think it's hard to when you are having fun. Like any job, if they add some BS politics, then it'd be bad and bog you down from being productive. So far, none of that out west and on our teams. It's a god send compared to what my friends at other firms have been experiencing, but I suspect it's b/c my managers hide that from us.

Either way, this has been an awesome job. Next stop, building some more new and cool coverage areas.

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