Analyst 101: Day 3 - So much to live up to!

I haven't been to Forrester's Cambridge offices before, but it's quite the location, at least that's what the maps show me. It's smack in the middle of MIT and just a mile from Harvard. So far Orientation's been a blast. Virginia Crossa is quite the instructor and has a great way with motivating and challenging the class.

There's a few of us from the Santa Clara office as well, Jasmin Dave who's an ADM in sales, and Frank Chiang who totally missed the flight and is on Video Conference. In addition, there are 4 new analysts in the program, some have started already. We've got a government expert, Alan Webber coming in as a Consulting Analyst. He's got quite the background with many federal agencies. There's also a telecom analyst, Ellen Daley, who's has a ton of telecom experience with a great presence. On my team, I've got a colleague, Bill Band who's the neighbor of Chris Mines, the head of research. He's a former Accenture Partner and Coopers guy covering CRM. With such company, this should be quite the class.

So much is spinning in my head right now. You've got phone calls to take, docs to write, and consulting to worry about. I have no idea how I'm going to hit these goals at the moment, but it's well worth the try. This job looks like it'll have a steep ramp up!

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