Research Report: Customer Bill of Rights - Software-as-a Service

Connect.  Collaborate.  Innovate.
Welcome to the first of many Altimeter Group research reports.  Before you dive deep into the Customer Bill of Rights: Software-as-a-Service report, we wanted to share with you a bit about the research process and how we work within the community.

  • Connect.  We strive to bring new people together and share our knowledge.  Knowledge has no value unless others can put it to use.
  • Collaborate.  We believe in open collaboration with the market and ecosystem of thought leaders, influencers, solution providers, and implementation experts.  In collaboration do we foster new relationships and opportunities to solve client problems.
  • Innovate.  We are thinking about what's next.  SaaS deployments and web-based solutions represent the future and we'll be looking for the next set of innovations.

Customer Bill of Rights - Software-as-a Service
Enjoy this report. It's been placed in Scribd for shared use.
AG Customer Bill of Rights - SaaS - Live

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