Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Surviving And Thriving In A World Of Digital Giants

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Digital Transformation Is Not Enough When Facing Digital Giants

Which kinds of companies will thrive and which will get crushed by the powerful forces in the global business landscape now at work? This groundbreaking new guide will help you adapt and change your business to thrive among digital giants, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Drawing on considerable original research and case studies from Wang’s acclaimed firm, Constellation Research, this groundbreaking guide reveals which kinds of companies will thrive and which will get crushed by the powerful forces now at work.

Ultimately, you will understand how the business world is changing in the face of extreme competition and, most importantly, you will learn how to adapt now to stay relevant and in demand.

Everybody Wants to Rule the World will help you:

  • Understand the power of Data-Driven Digital Networks and how they have driven the most successful companies of our time.
  • Learn how extreme consolidation is changing the global business landscape and what this means for businesses of all types and sizes in terms of understanding where you fit in the value chain.
  • Advocate for smart regulations that enable free and fair markets while balancing innovation with anti-trust
  • Gain insights into what innovative companies are doing right now to position themselves in this new reality.
  • Take your business from status quo to market leader.

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Endorsements And Rave Reviews

You read it in the headlines. You see it in the market. The world has shifted from products to digital services. If you don’t monetize digital services in the next five years chances are you won’t be around. Everybody Wants to Rule the World is a wake-up call for enterprise executives everywhere and an invaluable guide to future-proofing your company.

Tien Tzuo Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Zuora

Ray Wang lays out the challenges of competing in the land of digital giants and the need for policies and practices that encourage innovation and drive democratized, fair competition that benefits all of society.

Marc Benioff Chair and CEO | Salesforce

Don't get disrupted! Read Ray Wang's brilliant book Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Whitney Johnson Bestselling author, Disrupt Yourself | Thinkers 50

How can companies thrive in a world of digital giants? In the age of digital duopolies, where 100 companies around the world will dominate 50 distinct markets, business as usual will surely lead to your company's demise. R "Ray" Wang estimates that 90 percent of the current Fortune 500 will be merged, acquired, or go bankrupt by 2050. Wang develops a business strategy playbook which briantlly focuses on new business and monetization models, acceleration of decision velocity, design thinking based on long-term mindset, the role, ethical use, and societal impact of new emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, and scaling through joint ventures and ecosystems. All CEOs must understand that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, revealing the five business growth drivers aimed at producing holistic stakeholder success in the next normal. Wang's new book may be the most important business book of 2021.

Vala Afshar Chief Digital Evangelist | Salesforce.com

R "Ray" Wang has written a compelling and thought provoking analysis on how companies can capture market opportunity as digitization continues to accelerate in many industries. The book translates technology shifts such as platform economics and pervasive artificial intelligence and their implications for business strategy, policy making, and society into an engrossing and educational read for business leaders and policy makers.

Thomas Kurian Chief Executive Officer | Google Cloud

Ray Wang has a unique ability to draw readers in, challenge conventional wisdom and predict the secular trends that will change everything. This book forces readers to confront what we don’t know about the emerging intersection of business, technology, ethics and leadership

Bill McDermott Chief Executive Officer | ServiceNow

R "Ray" Wang’s provocative prognostications in his latest book will keep you up at night, but are very timely as every sector of the global economy confronts unprecedented digital acceleration.

Love Goel Chairman of GVG Capital | Father of Digital Transformation

The rise of digital giants requires business leaders to think of not only the economic benefits, but also the societal costs. Ray’s book provides a framework to balance exponential innovation and achievement with great responsibility in designing equitable and inclusive social contracts

Rishad Premji Chairman | Wipro

15 years ago I co-authored a report about a new species of business we called “The Digital Conglomerates” arguing that every company would need to chose whether to compete, avoid or partner with them. Ray’s book Everybody Wants to Rule The World, make a strong case that partnering is now the only feasible strategy This is an important book for any executive trying to figure out how to stay alive in the digital age.

Don Tapscott Author of Blockchain Revolution and a dozen other best-selling books, most recently The Supply Chain Revolution. Thinkers 50 Hall of Fame, Executive Chairman Blockchain Research Institute.

There are very few people who have had the scope of view that Ray has had into technology transformations during the past 20 years.  His credibility and access with some of the industry’s most powerful players is just one reason he has seen so much.  The less tangible reason is that he is considered one of the nicest humans in this business and people just really like working with him.  Both of these are why so many seek his advice.  In Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Ray synthesizes all that he’s learned by working with and studying the big winners in digital transformation and lays it out in a way that helps what he calls “worthy competitors.”  A very “worthy read!

Barbara Bates Global CEO | Hotwire

Everybody Wants To Rule The World provides essential insights on the post-digital world. All leaders will need to understand the role of data and new monetization models and why networked organizations will compete on decision velocity and signal intelligence. Ray shows why digital transformation is not enough

Paul Daugherty Group Chief Executive Technology and Chief Technology Officer | Accenture

Today’s business models are moving from centralized digital transformation to a decentralized networked model. Ray’s book shows how organizations can prepare for this shift and thrive through perseverance, a long term mind set, and the investment in building new monetization models

Scott McNealy Founder of @Curriki | Former Chairman & CEO of Sun Microsystems

Rays book is fantastic. It does a great job projecting the likely consequences of the rise of data driven businesses that leverage massive scale and network effects in every industry and offers advise on how to thrive in this environment. A must read for entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, regulators and everyone else that wants to get ready!

Alexander Rinke Chief Executive Officer | Celonis

CEO’s around the world stay connected to Ray for a reason. He has the ability to accurately analyze trends and predict the future. In this book he describes the accelerating gap between winners and losers and we all know people are going to be a critical part of that. You should read this book and re-design your people strategy based on it.

Michael C. Bush Great Place To Work | Chief Executive Officer

In Everybody Rules The World, Ray delivers both a playbook for building the next digital giants and, more importantly, inspiration for leaders to build guard rails that balance free markets, innovation, open access, and equal opportunity in the world ahead

Aneesh Chopra Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer (2009-2012) and Co-Founder & President, CareJourney

While everyone is still talking about Digital Transformation, Ray has unlocked how the Digital Giants are going after massive monetization across industries and value chains. Leaders must understand this new landscape and prepare for a shift in strategy. Everybody Wants To Rule The World is a must read book that lays out the steps and business models required for success.

Lara Druyan Venture Capitalist, Driver of Digital Transformation, Operator

Digital transformation and networked business models are becoming imperatives for companies of all sizes and across every industry. Ray’s book provides a great guide to how to compete in a digital world and thrive in today’s volatile environment.

Christian Klein Chief Executive Officer | SAP

Wow! Ray’s vision of the future will force every industry and enterprise to examine its core purpose and beliefs.. Building the future will need these ideas to be executed an agile, iterative innovation process, at great speed.

K Ananth Krishnan Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer | Tata Consultancy Services

Building a successful growth model in the digital age, requires new ways of thinking. In Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Ray will you show you the disruption and opportunity ahead of you and your organiza­tion—and how you can embark on a path to not only survive, but also thrive in the age of digital duopolies.

Tiffani Bova WSJ Bestselling Author Growth IQ | Thinkers50

Leaders who seek a path forward in today's winner-takes-all economy must read Ray’s book to understand how to navigate and counter the macro forces in play and understand their impact on commerce, politics, and society.

Clara Shih CEO of Salesforce Service Cloud | Author of The Facebook Era

In Everybody Wants to Rule the World, R "Ray" Wang reveals the digital giants’ DNA and divulges where they are going next—showing the next generation of leaders what it takes to keep up and leap ahead.

Maynard Webb Founder | Webb Investment Network & former COO | eBay

If you ever find yourself wondering about where we are headed with all this technology creeping into every corner of our lives you should really read this book.

Jesper Anderson Chief Executive Officer | Infoblox

In his new book, Everybody wants to rule the world, Ray Wang analyses how the tidal forces of change at the core of the fourth industrial revolution are reshaping our societies and forever changing the way we live. A must-read.

Frederic Laluyaux President and Chief Executive Officer | Aera Technology

In order to succeed in this new normal, companies big and small must embrace new strategies to accelerate their existing journeys to digital reinvention. A focus on automation and optimization will be critical – but companies that simultaneously double down on data privacy, security and resiliency will leap ahead.

Ross Mauri General Manager IBMZ | IBM

A must read for CEOs, CMOs, corporate strategists, public policy makers, or investors, irrespective of industry sector. R "Ray" Wang clearly outlines the implications of the formation of digital duopolies on corporate survival, business models and public policy.

Anil Cheriyan Executive Vice President Strategy and Technology | Cognizant

Spurred by the pandemic, in this duopolies era of increasingly complex and rapidly changing digital ways businesses can operate it is vital for everyone in a business to learn exactly how to collaborate to successfully compete, grow and dominate rather than crash. The only book that fully and understandably describes what to do in this era is Everybody Wants to Rule the World, written by R "Ray" Wang who has long been a digital innovator and leader who understands this era of super efficient yet extreme capitalism with its dangers and opportunities. He describes in specific, credible and understandably ways  exactly you can operate to grow and safely dominate rather than unexpectedly crash. 

Kare Anderson Emmy Award Winning Author Journalist & TED Speaker "Say It Better"

If you think your company has a reasonably good digital transformation agenda, this book will scare you. It paints the next chapter on digital in an ominous way pointing to that thing that you are most worried about, your organization’s decision making speed and leadership. It also paints the future in a way that helps you explain it better compared to traditional consulting reports. I was highly inspired by the book!

Sandeep Dadlani Global Chief Digital Officer | MARS

As a business and technology leader, the business model shifts have never been so apparent. However, Ray’s insights to new monetization models and the battle for data supremacy is a rude awakening that every leader should design for in their future plans.

Rhonda Vetere Executive Vice President | Herbalife Nutrition Global CIO | 2x author and triathlete

The industry landscape in the Digital era is fast changing. And the changes are eternal, tectonic in nature. Ray deftly captures one such profound change in his new book Everybody Wants to Rule the World. The rise and rise of Digital Duopolies, powered by data, network effects, exponential tech, access to huge capital pools and a winner-take-all ambition. Ray provides riveting, 360 degree insight into this exponential world and shares practical guidance on how incumbents can either become a digital giant or partner with them as part of an ecosystem. To build, partner or die. Another masterpiece from one of the top digital thinkers in the World. A must read.

Neetan Chopra Chief Technology Officer | Dubai Holdings

With his signature style of directness, compelling evidence, and conviction, Ray lays out a reality, warning, and response for business and government leaders to embrace for addressing the growing influence and implications of data-driven digital networks and the emerging digital duopolies which exploit them. Alarming on the one hand, instructive and constructive on the other. The kind of timely and important narrative we must have.

Lanny S Cohen Executive Advisor and Former Group Chief Innovation Officer | Capgemini Group

Ray paints a compelling picture of digital giants shaping industries, capital markets and society at large, and charts a path for the next wave of business leaders to harness data for better, faster decision making.

Ariel Kelman Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer | Oracle Corporation

In today's Era of digital-first business models, leaders need to accelerate transformation by incorporating unique market & customer insights with a healthy dose of best practices. R "Ray" Wang provides a master class on how innovators have achieved success, and lessons that can be applied to shape Digital play books with exponential possibilities

Raj Rao General Manager | Blockchain Platforms | IBM

Powerful and insightful: this book will teach you how to turn down the noise and tune in to the market signals that matter most. A must read for every leader tasked with designing and delivering the future of customer connection and value creation.

Karen Mangia Author of Working from Home | Listen Up! | Success With Less

Dancing with 800-pound digital gorillas requires agility, skill and the world's best dance instructor, R "Ray" Wang. Read this book to waltz your way into creating competitive advantage in the new economy.

Soon Yu Best-selling Author of Iconic Advantage

Rarely does a book on the digital future present the big picture while also sweating the details that make up the digital canvas disrupting and delivering our futures. Filled with insight, stories and examples, this book is a must-read to help business leaders and their teams bring their digital futures into focus

Bob Zukis Chief Executive Officer, Digital Directors Network | USC Marshall Professor

This book should be on the shelf, or ideally the desk, of every Fortune 2000 executive. It highlights both what's around the corner as well as strategies to survive and thrive. Ray thoughtfully discusses 3-D - digital, data, and DNA - to provide a roadmap for industry leaders. I wish he had written it a decade ago to help shape my investment thesis!

Mark Fernandes Managing Partner | Sierra Ventures

The pandemic has accelerated consolidation across industries and the digitalization of business, forcing us all to take a close look at our playbooks. Ray shares a unique look into where the digital giants are headed, and how to move forward as a smart, data driven business. The digital future that Ray paints is closer than ever. I highly recommend his book to business leaders.

Duke Chung Co-founder | TravelBank

It's not about digital transformation anymore. It's about building data value chains. Everybody Wants to Rule the World offers several takeaways on how to get there.

Larry Dignan Editor-in-Chief | ZDNet & Editorial Director | TechRepublic

It is a rare book that can rightly claim to be both visionary and evidence-based. Ray Wang has threaded the needle in giving us this invaluable preview of the business models that will dominate the coming decades.

John Kao Author of Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity

Data-driven is the new competitive DNA - no one is a better student and teacher of our times and digital business than Ray Wang. This book succeeds beyond a "how-to", in creating a belief system and urgency for change to succeed in the era of digital networks.

Ganesh Bell Board Advisor, Investor, former CDO & Software Business CEO

“Digital giants were first to understand and take advantage of signal intelligence. Ray’s book Everybody Wants to Rule the World contains vital insights and warnings for businesses looking to survive and thrive in an ever expanding digital world.”

John Sicard Chief Executive Officer | KInaxis

Digital transformation is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. And it is hardly about technology only. The biggest challenge is to engage and drive tangible business results through digital platforms which requires slowly changing the DNA of the organization. Ray is a strategic global thinker and in this book he really depicts the topics that every organization should understand and leverage to stay ahead of the curve. It is the time to disrupt or be disrupted. Well done, Ray!

Sanjib Sahoo Award Winning CIO,CDO and BT150 winner for 2020.

Ray is one of the best connected people I know. His conferences have executives from multiple industries and this gives him insights into business shifts few see. Here you will learn about a huge shift underway that is disrupting industries from transportation to healthcare. Will yours be next? You better read this to find out.

Robert Scoble Futurist

Ray's takes on Digital Duopolies caused by the rise of data oligarchs, offers insights & bold strategies for all corporations for the future.

Alan Boehme CTO | H&M and Former CTO for P&G & Coca-Cola

You are just getting your head around digital transformation, and you think you can’t compete with digital giants. You can, and Ray lays it out for you. This book gives you leapfrog powers to go from amateur fan to power player by understanding roles and opportunities in this new economy.

Jana Eggers Chief Executive Officer | Nara Logics

A new world order of technology centric company dominance is here. Ray has developed a compelling roadmap for how leaders should invest to thrive in a new era of data and network driven business. All of the rules have changed; either learn them or perish.

Crawford Del Prete President | International Data Corporation
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